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Learn more about houseboating and the family of Forever Resorts marina locations all across the USA. Each newsletter issue offers information on safe boating, vacation planning and sample itineraries - and of course seasonal special vacation packages to help you get the most of your next houseboat trip.

July 2015 - Relax and Enjoy!

Take a look at some swell silver linings on the desert lakes this season" Watch a great video from CBS about uncovered treasures and history at Lake Mead. Investigate caves and beaches at Lake Powell, and discover a full lake at Lake Mohave.

You'll be the first to know about the "Waterways Ultimate Fall Special" for the fall and the "Secret Special" which is available right now!
Try a "cool" tip for keeping your drinks cold during the day, out on the water. Relax, enjoy, and discover the true magic of simple things!

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June 2015 - Celebrate Independance!

The freedom of the wide open waters is a great way to celebrate the 4th of July! Check into this issue for some great last minute holiday food tips.

No weekend plans yet?
Check out some last minute houseboats (there are three in California) for the weekend and also on Lake Mead (three there too!).

Sample a delicious recipe for a simple dessert that packs well and...
it's time to start thinking about Fall Houseboating!

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May 2015 - The Don't Forget Issue!

Things change during the summer season. Plans change, fleets change, reservations change. Take a look at the possibilities that these changes might make for you and your plans.

More houseboats arrive at Lake Powell just in time for the summer season along with two dozen brand new PWCs. The theme this month is Don't Forget so take a look at tips from the experienced! Happy Houseboating!

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April 2015 - Summer Planning

So... The 2016 dates are now available. 2016? Yes, 2016!!! It's never too early to plan. Many of the lakes were sold out during the peak summer weekends this year. Don't let that happen to you next year!

Plus, check out the top ten things that houseboaters usually run out of! And... don't wait to book your small boats, your deck boats, PWCs and your kayaks ahead of time. There's nothing worse than getting to the marina and being told that they are sold out on the extra "toys" that you wanted. Happy Houseboating!

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March 2015 - Taking Care of Business

Morning Commutes, board Meetings, Family Business, Driving and Morning Traffic are all on board in this month's issue of Waterways!

Take a look at who does the "driving" on a houseboat vacation and learn the secret of the early board. Discover how a small change in the way you pilot the boat can cut your fuel consumption in half and... catch some savings on a 4 day getaway! It's all here in this month's issue!

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February 2015 - Getting Connected

It's time to start planning for the upcoming summer season and the big questions still need to be answered:
~Who's coming?
~What should we bring?
~When are we going?
~What should we rent?

The life questions still remain too:
~Are you so connected...
~That you feel disconnected...
~From what's important?

So take a quick read in this month's issue and find the "Right Balance," look into some real "Morning Traffic," and take care of your own "Family Business!" Thanks for reading!

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January 2015 - Houseboats & Football!

Well, it's that time of year again. Time to think football and time to think houseboating too! Take a light hearted look into the comparative advantages of watching the big game, or any game for that matter, on a houseboat.

Fuel prices, water levels, and travel shows are all on the field too in this months edition!

Need some savings for your summer vacation this year? Call in and ask for help from the official Forever Vacation Referees. They're here, ready and waiting, to help you score your own Touchdown Savings.

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December 2014 - The Santa Issue

Where is Santa?
Check out this month's issue of Waterways and see if you can find all of his pictures in the newsletter. There are actually ten!

~ Is he on the waterslide?
~ Is he on jet ski?
~ Is he lounging on the top deck?
~ Well, the answer is all of the above and more!

Check in for some fun light reading and if you need some help with holiday specials... the Holiday Helper Elf Line has now been activated!

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November 2014 - The Thanksgiving Strategy Issue

Thanksgiving is the perfect time, with family and friends all in one place to plan your houseboat vacation for next year. If you're thinking about bringing up the subject of next years summer vacation over the holiday, then this issue, The Thanksgiving Strategy Issue is for you!

Look into the Map Strategy, the Tablet Strategy, and the Boomer Strategy! Then read on for more tips and suggestions to help you truly strategize and plan. Prepare to Prepare!

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October 2014 - Where Did The Year Go?

Can you believe it's almost Halloween? Check in to this month's issue of Waterways for a pretty sweet idea to keep the mud and sand off of your front deck and consider a swell food shopping idea

The National Park Fee Free Days for 2015 have been announced and the 2015 houseboat vacation season is already booking up! Grab your dates while there is still a great choice of marinas and houseboats available.

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September 2014 - Lake Mohave Is Full!

Check out details about one of the best kept secrets in the southwest ~ Lake Mohave! It is almost at "Full Pool." Read on about Cottownood Cove Marina on the lake and a great Fall special for houseboating while the water's still warm!

Fee free Days in the national parks are highlighted and there's also a review of Raft Adventures that start out at the base of Hoover Dam! Group planning? Events? Read on!

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August 2014 - Labor Day? Already?

Hold on tight as we jump a few waves this month with some last minute deals and some fun stories. Take a look at a recent news video from Lake Mead in Nevada and look into the story about an airplane that touched down at Oak Bottom Marina in California.

Want to know what the top rated houseboat vacation treat is? Read on! "Believe it or not..." What do you think about the lake legend in this month's issue?
And... take a look at the Snow Coaches heading into Yellowstone soon! "Snow?" Fall is on the way!

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